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Ship Projects Engineering & Contracting, founded in 1994 and staffed by naval architects and marine engineers previously on the management of Società Esercizio Cantieri Shipyard Group (SEC) in Viareggio Italy, has been specialized in developing, designing and building modern sophisticated ships of various types such as fishing vessels, product & chemical tankers, RO-RO ships, offshore vessels, etc. for both Italian and international shipowners.

One of the founders, Mr. Leonardo Acciarri, senior Naval Architect, used to be executive technical manager of SEC the largest Italian private shipyard group in Italy for nearly two decades, serving as chief designer and technical director for the development and construction of many state-of-the-art ships of various types for customers both at home and abroad.

For the last ten years, the amount of work involved in marine tech R&D and innovative design activities has been successfully increased, with designs and contracts for new building projects being done in several countries listed here-in-below:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • China
  • India
  • USA

S.P.E.C. is situated in Viareggio, Tuscany, Italy, once home to Italian shipbuilding of high-tech-contained and high-value-added chemical tankers and now the world center of mega-yacht building. The initial backbone Tech & Design Team has been strongly reinforced by other local naval architects and marine engineers in Viareggio.

S.P.E.C. Main Business Scope
– Design: initial and basic/class design of commercial ships and mega-yachts with definition of hull lines and analysis of weight/stability and performances (speed/power, noise and vibrations).
– General Assistance: to ship owners and shipyards.
– Project Management: during ship and yacht construction or conversion.
– Advisory Service: feasibility studies (incl. cost evaluation).

Ship development and design is the main task of S.P.E.C. for both domestic and international shipowners and shipyards.


During the last twenty years, many projects of new buildings and conversions have been developed by S.P.E.C. 80% new buildings.

Since the beginning of 2000, approximately 750 new building projects have been developed and designed upon request of shipowners, shipyards and ship brokers, with some of them already materialized for their respective ships built accordingly (see the link to “already built with S.P.E.C. designs”) and others customized at the level of the basic design for feasibility analysis and further development (see the link to “significant designs developed in the past”) as listed here-in-below:

  • Tankers (chemical with stainless steel tanks, LPG/ethylene and bitumen, LR1 and 2, Aframax, ice-breaking shuttle tanker)
  • Expedition cruisers (ice-breaking in Arctic/Antarctic, Volga Max)
  • Offshore support units (AHTSV, emergency towing vessel, diving support, escort tug, pipe carrier, dual fuel platform SV, stand by vessel)
  • Oil and Gas offshore vessel (crane-accommodation, subsea support, diving support)
  • Work-boats and utility vessels
  • Fishing boats (trawlers, tuna long liners and purse seiners for sardines/tuna)
  • Ro-Ro passengers vessel (2450/2700 lanes)
  • River/sea vessel (Rhine/Danube mini cruiser, Neva Max tanker, European hall-exposition vessel)
  • Oceanographic research vessel
  • Crew boats (mono hull, swath type)
  • Reefer (banana carrier/frozen fish/fish meal carrier)
  • Crane/jack up vessel (ocean lift, mini ocean lift)
  • Wind farm service and commissioning vessels
  • Wind farm installation vessels

Designs for the Future

S.P.E.C. has been long devoting itself to developing innovative designs with the following targets well kept in mind:

A Increase the safety, capabilities and comfort of mega-yachts by introducing new types of hulls (swath, hydrofoils) and combining SOLAS Rules with luxury layout and finishing.
The iconic designs herein listed:

  • 68 m Swath Type SOLAS Cruiser
  • 125 m Luxury SOLAS Cruiser (Mono hull)
  • 60 m Swath Type Luxury Yacht
  • 42 m Hydrofoil Type Luxury Yacht

B Improve sea-keeping for offshore and wind farm service vessels by introducing Swath and multi-hull shaped hulls.
The iconic designs herein listed:

  • 92 m Trimaram Sea service Vessel
  • Semisub Ocean service Vessel
  • 40 m Mini Mother Vessel Swath (SPS Passenger)
  • 23,90 m Wind Towers Maintenance Swath
  • 40 m Pax cabine mother swath

C Develop designs of fast crafts for anti-piracy and coastal patrolling, both in light alloy or/and reinforced plastic.
The iconic projects herein listed:

  • 55 knots Interceptor of 16 m
  • 25 m/30 knots Coast Guard Patrol Vessel
  • 49,8 m/38 knots Strike Craft

D Introduce innovative configurations for cargo containment, both for the safety/efficiency of handling and for the carriage of dry and liquid cargo in the same space.
The iconic projects herein listed:

  • Post Panamax “Triple Double” Aframax Tanker
  • Combined Bulk Dry Cargo/Oil-Chemical Carrier

E Develop a new generation of jack-up/crane vessels for wind towers installation, oil and gas service and decommissioning of offshore rigs.
The iconic projects herein listed:

  • Ocean lift: 2 x 3500 T cranes/jack up
  • Mini oceanlift: 2 x 1300 T cranes/jack up vessel
  • 88 m Trimaran trick up Crane Vessel
  • 110 m Trimaran trick up Crane Vessel

Our Team

S.P.E.C. main office is in Viareggio where a mixture of experienced young guys specialised in marine architetture and marine engineering are working. Depending on the work load, S.P.E.C normally shares some part of the specialized design work with its long-term partners, one in Viareggio and the other in Pula (Croatia) and occasionally collaborates with its associated design offices overseas like in China for some construction designs.

Although the Italian are on the top management of S.P.E.C, some non-Italian key experts in marine technology, project financing and business operation within the organization have been greatly contributing to exploitation of international market and provision of marine technical and design service to the customers worldwide.

Leonardo Acciarri
Doct. Leonardo Acciarri

Naval architect executive director

Gong Guanzgzhou
Gong Guanzgzhou

Senior economist/attorney in China

Andrea Pezzini
Andrea Pezzini

Marine engineer

Margherita Acciarri
Doct. Margherita Acciarri

Legal advisor

Renzo Frosini
Renzo Frosini

Ship designer and project development

Vania Cattani
Doct. Vania Cattani

Doctor Acciarri Assistent

Samuele Benassi
Samuele Benassi

3D designer and FEM Analyst

Gabriele Paoli
Gabriele Paoli

Hull Designer

Agnese Chiucconi

Agnese Chiucconi

Machinery Designer

Main Customers at present

S.P.E.C. has been consistently and persistently pursuing since 1994 the marine technical and design innovation based on solid expertise and rich experience gained from the technical and managerial involvement in the operation of SEC shipyard group.

S.P.E.C. continues unceasingly to develop new ship technology, to create ships of new generation with innovative designs and technology and to maintain technical and design innovation capability in the world marine sector.

S.P.E.C. is among those customers with whom S.P.E.C. has been so far well cooperating are listed here-in-below:



  • Marittima Emiliana/
    Marittima Etnea Spa
  • Marnavi Spa
  • Novella/Calisa/Giane Spa
  • Fincantieri Spa
  • Rima Consulting Spa
  • Decomar Spa


  • Purple Sea/
    Purple Water Ltd
  • VMG Ltd


  • Ghenova


  • Seabulk


  • Rosneft



  • Factorias Vulcano


  • Giacalone Shipyard
  • Cantiere Montano
  • Antonini Group


  • Wuhan Nanhua High Speed Ship Engineering Co. Ltd
  • ZPMC (Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co. Ltd)
  • Mingbo Xinle Ship Buiding Group Co Ltd
  • Huhan Xinag Chuan Ship building industry Co. Ltd


  • Selah
  • Istanbul Shipyard


Ship Projects Engineering & Contracting team was established from the heritage of ‘Società Esercizio Cantieri’, the biggest private Italian shipyard in the years 1980/2000 in Italy.

Most of the present managers of ‘Spec’ were key persons in the shipyard organization, basically constituting the design team of the shipyard.
With the closing of the shipyard in 2000, the construction of commercial ships in Viareggio stopped.

‘Spec’ restored as before the design team working in the shipyard, under the same guidance of Naval Architect Leonardo Acciarri.

The difference was only the place of ship’s construction: from the shipyard in Viareggio to the shipyards around the world.

Here in are shown some ships built before 2000 in Viareggio under the design and technical management of ’Spec’ team.

Contact Us

S.P.E.C. sas

Via M. Coppino, 433 – 55049 Viareggio (Lu) – ITALY‎

+39 0584 396167

+39 0584 392017


S.P.E.C office is situated at Via Coppino 433 in Viareggio on the water front of Darsena Europa, overlooking the Yacht Marina, where moored are many world famous mega-yachts and super-yachts of the owners around the world.

The office is very close to the area, where quite a number of specialized commercial ships were developed, built and delivered by SEC from 1970 to 2000 and where many world top rate well-known brands of Italian yacht builders have been created since 2000.

S.P.E.C. has extended its operation range in the last years, with its overseas offices to meet the increasing transnational business development:

  • Technical Office in China (Wuhan)
  • Representative Offices in United Kingdom.